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We develop and provide technology and software solutions for financial institutions, government entities and other businesses. Our mission is to develop and provide the highest quality of IT and software solutions, with maximum end-user satisfaction.

Next-Generation Solutions for Today’s Demands

We use the most innovative technologies to turn your business vision into reality. Our solutions will help you to improve business processes, enhance client management, maximize the revenue potential of each and every customer, create competitive advantages and minimize the risks.

Some of our custom application development services include:

Business Process Automation

Efficiently streamline workflows and boost productivity through automation.

Mobile Application Development

Crafting innovative mobile solutions tailored to your needs and user experience

Artificial Intelligence Development

Harnessing AI to unlock insights, enhance decision-making, and drive innovation

Cyber Security

Protecting your digital assets with robust cybersecurity measures and proactive threat management

E-Business Solutions

Empowering your digital presence with comprehensive e-commerce and online business solutions

Warehouse Management

Optimizing inventory control and logistics for seamless warehouse operations

Financial Applications

Delivering tailored financial software solutions for precision and compliance


Building meaningful customer relationships with intuitive CRM solutions

Document Imaging and Workflow

Digitizing document processes for efficient management and collaboration

Data Analysis

Unlocking actionable insights from your data to drive informed decision-making

Sales Order Processing

Efficiently manage and streamline sales orders for enhanced customer satisfaction

Supply Chain Management

Optimizing supply chain processes for efficiency, visibility, and resilience

We are also glad to offer our extensive experience in:


Database & Application Architecture

Designing and implementing robust database solutions and multi-tiered applications

App Integration & Maintenance

Seamlessly integrating and maintaining applications for optimized performance

Cloud Development

Leveraging cloud technology to build scalable and flexible solutions

Custom AI Solutions (ML/DL)

Tailoring AI solutions to your specific needs, harnessing machine learning and deep learning

Social Network Development

Creating engaging social platforms for effective networking and community building

Distributed Data Processing

Efficiently processing and managing data across distributed systems

Legacy Code Migration Tools

Modernizing legacy systems with seamless migration and re-engineering solutions

Internet/Intranet Web App Development

Developing dynamic web applications for both Internet and Intranet environments

e-Commerce Solutions

Building comprehensive e-commerce and portal solutions tailored to your business needs


At KazTrix we are aiming to empower and reinforce your business, we do this by focusing our efforts on delivering measurable business values through our innovative software solutions.

We work together with you to achieve your business goals, to optimize the business processes and maximize your profits.

We are also devoted to excellence, teamwork and honesty, customer confidence and intimacy, openness and corporate social responsibility.



We strive to provide viewable results to our clients. The development facility in St. Petersburg and the software development process we use allow us to lower clients’ expenses up to 50% ensuring the best quality and reduced time to market.

We are also continuously investing in people, processes and methodology, and that helps us to be very competitive.

We work together with clients on formulating strategy of maximizing the Return on IT Investments and help our clients to realize additional value from their investments. Our client-oriented approach allows us to keep all customers with us – all of them continue to be our faithful clients.

We work with your team and develop strategies to carry out project development quickly and effectively. KazTrix can expedite the development process by supplying sophisticated proposals for the undertaking of projects and ensure rapid and successful negotiations.

Business Benefits:

  • Focus on your core business

  • High Quality software engineering process

  • Experience, Ethics, Environment

  • Reduced time-to-market

    We work with your team and develop strategies to carry out project development quickly and effectively. KazTrix can expedite the development process by supplying sophisticated proposals for the undertaking of projects and ensure rapid and successful negotiations.

  • Flexibility in payment

  • We provide our customers with a variety of payment models to satisfy the financial aspects of projects. We also assist and consult our qualified clientele to achieve alternate funding for projects through our business partners.

  • Lower IT operating expenses and investment

    We offer competitive rates and provide cost-effective software solutions. Our out-sourcing solution minimizes the production cost by eliminating unnecessary expenses such as the cost of infrastructure and equipment, which is usually a case for in-house software development.

  • Mature project management and training infrastructure

  • Cost-effective human resources

    Having the main management team in Toronto and the development facility in St. Petersburg, Russia, KazTrix offers affordable solutions resulting in lower project development cost for our clients.

  • Customer-oriented product development

  • Long Term Partnership Focus

    By establishing trust and proof of concept in cost-effective outsourcing, we strive to accomplish long term relationships with our customers. Our clients can rest assured that we value their business and can count on KazTrix as a partner for their IT outsourcing.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality software with maximum end-user satisfaction.

These fundamentals are key factors in rapid market penetration while improving product performance and quality. Thus, before the project start, we do the plan of generating the maximum value with the help of technology.

Our dedicated team utilizes the most sophisticated tools available in the IT industry today. KazTrix is also glad to offer the expertise in integration of the existing systems with new technologies as well as our knowledge of proprietary and open systems and how to make them work together.


Customer Success

Prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering value through exceptional products and services.

Investment in People: Personnel Development

We prioritize the growth and development of our employees, investing in their skills and well-being to foster a thriving workforce.

Generating Wealth for Shareholders

Focused on creating value and financial growth for our shareholders through strategic decision-making and operational excellence.

Constant Increase in Company Capitalization

Committed to continually enhancing the value and financial strength of our company through sustained growth and prudent management.

Commitment to Results

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and accountability, we are committed to delivering tangible outcomes and achieving measurable results.



We are the developers of Simply Intelligent Apps.
Passionate about building innovative and user-friendly mobile apps, our team of skilled developers and designers work tirelessly to create Intelligent Apps that simplify and enhance mobile experience.
Whether you need a translator app to break language barriers, a GPS navigation app to find your way, or a weather app to stay prepared, we have you covered.
With our cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies, we constantly strive to improve the functionality, accuracy and efficiency.
Explore our range of apps today and experience the future of mobile technology.


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