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Wireless Systems

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As the world moves to wireless communication, consumers will demand access to all of their financial transactions via wireless devices. In order to offer banks and financial institutions a full range of wireless and Internet-enabled customer services, Ezenet is working with partners and affiliates to develop a range of wireless applications. Using industry standards including Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and BlueTooth, Ezenet's wireless development team and XML experts are developing a range of solutions that will facilitate m-commerce.

Using Ezenet's wireless integrated technology, Ezenet's clients will be able to offer their customers the opportunity to carry out personal banking and make on-line purchases anytime, anywhere, using the new breed of handheld devices, including digital mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDA's) and 2-way pagers. Ezenet's technology will provide a seamless integration between the customer's handheld wireless device, the e-tailer and the relevant financial institution.

No matter which wireless standards gain market dominance, Ezenet's systems are built to provide solutions to work with current technologies or any emerging technologies without compromising the end user or the application. Ezenet's wireless applications can provide a secure interface to transmit data across the network.

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